Now in its ninth year, this scheme recognises individuals and teams, that have stood out to colleagues.

Given the outstanding contribution everyone has made over the last year, we know it will take a very special person or team to stand out. Any member of staff can nominate so please start to think about who you would like to put forward. To nominate you’ll need to draft an entry telling the judges how the person / team meets the criteria of the award category you are putting them forward for. There are 12 award categories so should be something for everyone.


The award categories

Creating a positive staff experience

Our staff experience is so important to us as trust and we want to reward those who help promote and create a positive atmosphere for colleagues. This individual will be open and honest with genuine concern for their department’s day to day experience.

The judging panel will be looking for someone who:

  • Shows compassion and respect to others
  • Behaviour reflects trust values
  • Makes time for everyone and is a supportive team player
  • Recognises the value of everyone’s contribution

Health Hero

An award for an individual who is passionate about the health and wellbeing of their colleagues.

The judging panel will be looking for examples of someone who:

  • Has lead a significant change in their team/department to improve the wellbeing of others
  • Has encouraged or supported others to make a change or seek support to improve their wellbeing
  • Is an inspiration to others and a positive team member

Inclusive leader of the year award

We value a leadership culture that empowers and enables individuals in both clinical or non-clinical areas. This individual will demonstrate these characteristics, providing compassionate inclusive leadership throughout their work and be trusted by those they work with for their fair and consistent leadership style.  This individual will lead and support staff to deliver high quality and safe services, be an inspiration to others, works collectively with partners and displays a caring, supportive and focused leadership style.

The judging panel will be looking for examples of how this individual:

  • Acts as a leadership role model to their team and wider across the trust
  • Enables and empowers their team(s) and/or individuals
  • Supports their team(s) and/or individuals to develop and progress
  • Inspires others to demonstrate high quality leadership practices
  • Consistently rises to challenges and works with others to overcome obstacles

Making a difference

An outstanding individual or team who has made a considerable contribution to the trust who has shone the brightest over the last 12 months. Chosen by our chief executive.

Outstanding care (in hospital)

A clinical individual delivering care or treatment in a hospital environment. This individual will have gone above and beyond to help the trust deliver its objectives and values putting patients care at the forefront of everything they do.

The judging panel will be looking for examples of when this individual has:

  • Shown great compassion for a patient
  • Gone above and beyond expectation
  • Put the patient needs at the forefront of any decisions

Outstanding care (out of hospital)

A clinical individual delivering care or treatment outside of a hospital setting. This includes primary care, any service from a community facility or services delivered from a home (including adult social care).

The judging panel will be looking for examples of:

  • Showing great compassion for a patient
  • Going above and beyond expectation
  • Putting their patients’ needs at the forefront of any decisions

Quality Improvement

A clinical or non-clinical team who has implemented a change of any size or scale to improve the quality and/or safety of a service. This team will have used creative and original thinking to develop a new way of working.

Simply tell us how the idea came about, who was involved, how the change was made and what happened as a result.

The judging panel will be looking for a team who:

  • Can identify and explain why the change was needed
  • Can identify who was involved and how the change was made
  • had a positive impact on patient care or service delivery
  • Is clear about how the change can be sustained long term

Staff Star

A non-clinical individual who walks in the room and lights it up, someone who motivates their colleagues, lifts everyone’s spirits and generally brightens peoples days. This person usually works behind the scenes but this award allows staff to say “Thank you for being you!”

Team of the year – non clinical

This award recognises the work of an outstanding team within the trust who have worked together effectively to deliver excellent service. In this category, we simply want you to tell us what’s great about your team, and how your effective team working has produced great results.

The judges will be looking for:

  • What sets this team apart from others
  • How have they worked together to make a difference
  • A team who consistently exceeds expectations
  • Teams who have achieved great results/made a change which positively impacts the trust

Team of year – clinical

In recognition of an outstanding clinical team that look after both their patients and each other, working exceptionally well together to deliver an outstanding service even at times of extreme operational pressure!

This could be a team who work well together creating a supportive working environment and delivering an excellent all round service of care.

Alternatively it could be a team that has faced a change or challenge and have become stronger as a result of this.

Evidence and outcomes the judging panel will be looking for:

  • What sets this team apart from others
  • How they have exceeded expectations / gone above and beyond
  • How the team show a positive team culture and support each other
  • A teams who values everyone’s contribution

Unsung Hero

An individual who has gone above and beyond their role to help a colleague or customer. This person may work behind the scenes or be patient facing, but in a non-clinical role.

The judging panel will be looking for someone who:

  • Is a vital member of their department
  • Who are held in high regard by their colleagues
  • Has done something in particular to help a colleague or visitor which has had a positive impact on the trust

Volunteer of the year

We are very lucky to have an extraordinary body of volunteers at our trust. This award is to recognise the continued selfless dedication of our volunteer workforce. If you know a volunteer who brightens up everyone’s day let us know.

The judging panel will be looking for someone who:

  • Is dedicated and shows initiative and enthusiasm for volunteering
  • Is friendly and cheery, making patients days brighter
  • Goes the extra mile
  • Is warm and compassionate

Last year we received over 260 entries and we hope to receive even more this year. These awards are for everyone, and for them to be successful we need you to take the time to nominate an individual or team who deserves recognition.

Please remember, it is the quality of the nomination not the quantity that counts. Where possible please team up and work together to submit one nomination for an individual / team and use examples to showcase their suitability for the award.